1Surgery, our mission is to provide you with safe and comprehensive care from a board-certified, specialty-trained plastic surgeon in the most comfortable environment possible. We strive to make you feel like you are not just a patient to us, you are a member of our family.


2 Our medical center aims to become the premier provider of plastic surgery,cosmetic enhancement & medi-spa services in Qatar,and to become known throughout the region for our exceptional patient care and successful results.


3 We will make our mark as progressive,innovative and patient-focused plastic surgery practice by practicing five values in building relationships inside and outside of our organization through: Integrity Caring Mutual Respect Innovation Teamwork


4 Empowering our patients with a complete educational experience to ensure that each is fully informed, fully prepared, and their expectations have been met.

Greetings and Message - Dr.Habib Albasti & Dr.Yousef Bakir

"The searching for beauty and sweet looking has become a general obsession for millions of human beings men and women in most times and countries (places).This has become the most important target which many people yearn to achieve some of people use plastic surgery.They undergo operations to make adjustments to their beauty using the latest developments in technology and some amazing new discoveries especially in the aesthetic field.This surgery is not only for pleasure but is a solution for many defects and congenital problems which arise from accidents or aging.Are you searching for a place that does a plastic surgery.Do not waste your time make an appointment with us and achieve the highest degree of beauty."

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